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Public Sector Business Development
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Public Sector Business Development

Doing business in the public sector entails a very different set of techniques and responsibilities than business to business. Specific processes, politics and policies all add to the challenge. To transform winning from a possibility to a probability, we research your industry, marketplace and competitors. By mitigating potential setbacks, unlocking new market opportunities, developing strategies and defining the tactics, The Artemis Group delivers results.


Because competing for public sector contracts is always time-consuming and expensive, smart organizations apply available resources for the greatest potential return-on-investment. As selling organizations approach each level of government,  the procurement process becomes more complex, making competitive intelligence, and local knowledge invaluable. When responding to the RFP process, from the first rumors of a procurement opportunity to the final award, Artemis positions your company to maximize the probability of success.

Public-Private Partnerships

Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) involve the close collaboration of governments and private entities. Whether the PPP involves infrastructure, facilities, or services, Artemis creates the path to help structure and negotiate these opportunities. We begin by identifying government’s present and future needs, then gather critical data to support the selling process. Finally, we craft communications strategies and tactics to educate key decision-makers on how your company will best meet objectives. We can help you nurture the kind of long-term relationships your business needs to succeed by building the kind of trust government requires to close business opportunities.

"Transforming winning from a possibility to a probability"
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