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Government Relations

Government Relations encompasses more than lobbying. It spans the spectrum of activities and personalities that come into play before a bill is introduced, before a law is passed, before a regulation is drafted or a statute is imposed. Legislators, administrative officials and bureaucrats serve the public based on the information at hand, and the best way to get these key players to pay attention to your information is by applying the best knowledge based on years of experience and the experience of having done this before.

We help communicate your ideas and business concerns to the people who make the decisions. Knowledge of how government really operates enables us to work with you to establish the long-term relationships with the people and organizations critical to your success.

Through a year-round analysis of existing and proposed legislation, committee work and departmental initiatives, we can target the “bottom line” impact to your organization. Armed with this information, we can then help you create a strategy aimed at achieving your goals.


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